System Management

Whether you have a local server or utilize Microsoft 365, we can provide administrative support ranging from general day to day duties like creating accounts and assigning licencing packages all the way to domain management.

Software Development

If you require software to allow your employees to fulfil their tasks or to make company procedures work better. We can write custom software to do just that, for example if your employees need a way to manage and submit timesheets we can make the software to provide that service.

Software and Hardware Deployment

We can facilitate the purchase and preparation of hardware, once the hardware is ready we can assign a user to the device and install all relevant software they require and then we can send the hardware out to the user.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a major part of any company , making sure any sensitive information isn’t at risk should be a high priority. We can plug up any holes in your security and make sure any sensitive information stays secure and safe.

Cloud Integration

The Cloud can be a great asset to have at your disposal. It can allow you to access your files anywhere and make backups to alleviate any risk of losing any files to corruption. It can also allow your employees to work together seamlessly by sharing files, boosting productivity and minimizing the risk of losing files on local drives.

IT Support

Troubleshooting day to day issues can be a difficult task at times, we can help diagnose and fix these issues and provide assistance to ensure they don’t arise again in the future.

Can we help?

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